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Wallace & Co: Breakfast out on a Wednesday? Why not!

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Wallace & Co, 146 Upper Richmond Road

After a slight break from the blogosphere (we have been sidetracked by Glastonbury and a wild egg-chase in Pimlico…) one eggblogger just couldn’t contain their eggs benedict craving any longer.

Which is why Wednesday morning saw me fighting bleary eyed through Waterloo station with a post-yoga hangover as dawn broke over London to get all the way to Putney just for eggs, to be welcomed by the cool and delicious interior of Wallace & Co. Beating the yummy mummy rush on Wednesday morning at opening time, we had the pick of the best seats in the house, so my friend and I made ourselves comfortable for a good chinwag.

Better stil, we bumped into one of the Wallace & Co directors, the charming Gregg Wallace (of Masterchef fame) who was also enjoying the early peace and quiet and took the time to have a photo with a starstruck fan 🙂 Thanks, Gregg!

The Place:

Wallace & Co’s light and bright interior instantly draws you in, along with the marketplace-style table covered in all sorts of goodies which greets you as you enter. Comfortable booths, rustic chairs or window seating provides plenty of options to sit and immerse yourself in some good food or simply watch the world go by (well, what there is of the world to watch in Putney). Mind you, I struggled to keep my eyes off the delicious looking cakes under the counter, next time I will definitely be stocking up for elevenses! The restaurant is spacious and comfortable, it felt to me like visiting a lovely farmhouse kitchen – which was a pleasant surprise given that Putney station is only 15 minutes outside of a frantic and buzzing Waterloo.

Whilst it was quiet given the time that we were dining, I imagine the place gets absolutely packed with the post-school-run crowd around coffee time or suburban commuter crowds in the evening, so probably wise to book at these times!

The Service:

Despite the fact that we were two of only 4 or 5 diners in the restaurant, the service was quick, polite and unobtrusive (rather than over-attentive and annoying as can sometimes happen during quiet periods). Our drinks arrived swiftly and the eggs not long after, although again I couldn’t comment on timings during busier periods.

The EGGS!:

Now my initial thoughts when I first saw the eggs arrive were a little bit doubtful – the hollandaise was very runny, which was a first for the blog! However, I was pleasantly surprised, as what the sauce lacked in heaviness, it more than made up for in taste! Deliciously tangy and just enough left over to mop up those last mouthfuls (very important in my opinion).

The muffins were perfectly toasted (although not as plump as some that have gone before) and the eggs – although not very yolky – were really tasty. I normally consider the yolks to hold all the taste, but these whites were just delicious!

Wallace & Co claim that they “aim to bring you the best local, seasonal fruit and vegetables on a plate”, and have a great section on their website where you can follow your food back to its roots at Secrett’s in Milford, Surrey or their very own market stalls in Borough Market and on the King’s Road.

Style: Classic
Taste: 8/10
Originality: 5/10
Value: 8/10 (£7.50 for two eggs)
Eggsecution (Cooking Of Eggs): 8/10

Will we be going back?  Like I said, I could barely keep my eyes off those cakes…! Check out the breakfast menu here.


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