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The Luxe, Spitalfields: Down t’ Market To Get Some Eggs

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The Luxe, Spitalfields

Finally the bank holiday weekend is upon us, and what better way to start it than with eggs? (Much the same as any weekend, then…) Today we opted to go east, to a little place in Spitalfields called The Luxe. We’ve previously visited for drinks; the evening atmosphere is buzzing but laid back, and we noted that they had a pleasing brunch menu featuring eggs benedict, so decided we should pop back to see if the atmosphere – and eggs – in the morning lived up to our previous experience.

The Place:

You walk in to door to a lively midday saturday crowd with your typical mix of East London cool and downtime city-slickers. We were greeted by a great eclectic soundtrack featuring Warpaint, Doves, Kings of Leon, Kooks, Duck Sauce and Blackstreet (!) which all added to the bustling atmosphere

Set into the Spitalfields market, with a sleek black feature bar and a mix of metal stools, leather and silk, harping back to the history of Spitalfields as home to silk weavers, the overall effect is casual yet chic. The terrace behind the main bar area stretches out into the market itself, flanked by two enormous bird cages, where chefs make take-out dishes for passers-by.

The Service:

We arrived and were swiftly led (actually at a bit of a run) across the restaurant out to the terrace by a chap in a trendy shirt and handed over to our waiter who quickly took our drinks order. He returned not long after with our usual juice, smoothie and english breakfast tea which – to our horror – came in a mug with teabag still immersed and milk already added! Not a good start. It kind of fits in with the run-down Shoreditch surroundings, but doesn’t make for a great cuppa. We ordered and, 25 minutes later, were still waiting for our eggs. A table of four diners seated next to us around 10 minutes after we arrived had their lunch orders delivered way before us. Considering it takes 3 minutes to cook an egg, we were somewhat apprehensive… ‘A discretionary’ service charge was added to the bill.

Our long wait clearly hadn’t gone unnoticed as a 50% discount was applied to our food bill for the long wait, which was a very welcome surprise – especially as we hadn’t complained. Clearly keeping their customers happy is a priority for them.

The EGGS!:

Thankfully the eggs (£9.50) themselves went some way towards salvaging our experience, 3 out of 4 of them being perfectly cooked with bright orange runny yolks. The ham (traditional again) was slightly fatty and we felt a little short-changed. The hollandaise was creamy and just on the right side of vinegary, topped with chopped chives. The muffins, although perfectly toasted, were also a little bit squashed or deflated, but this didn’t detract from the taste.

      • Style: Classic
      • Taste: 8/10
      • Originality: 3/10
      • Value: 2/10 (£9.50 for two eggs, service charge inc.)
      • Eggsecution (Cooking Of Eggs): 6/10

Will we be going back? Probably not for breakfast, but we happen to know they do a mean Amaretto Sour…

Check out the breakfast menu here.

109 Commercial Street, London E1 6BG UK T: +44 (0)20 7101 1751


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