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High Road Brasserie: Is West Best When It Comes To Eggs?

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High Road Brasserie, Chiswick

As a local to Chiswick for about 5 years you’d think we’d have had eggs benedict at the High Road Brasserie before – but until recently we’d always avoided breakfasting there. Maybe it was something about the posh exterior or the lines of Masseratis and Aston Martins parked up outside it at weekends that gave the impression it was a bit too fancy and exclusive to pop in for a quick plate of eggs. However, we dropped by on a recent Sunday morning without a booking and were pleased (and relieved!) to find there was a table free. Over that breakfast the idea for this blog was born, and the next day we’d written our first post – it only seems fitting that we head back to review what the eggs are like at the venue where our blog was conceived so we popped back today on more ‘official’ business!

The Place:

Being a Tuesday morning at 8am the restaurant was very quiet, with only a handful of other tables occupied by intellectual looking types in yellow chinos and trendy glasses tapping away on improbably thin and delicate-looking laptops while greedily slurping their coffee.

The restaurant has an Art Deco theme to its decor, with a mixture of understated dark wood chairs and tables, with light-green trendily-worn curved leather bench seats lining the wall. There’s plenty of polished metal and glass surfaces, which reflect the light from the large windows overlooking the street and the slightly industrial feature strip lights hanging inside. The centre of the restaurant is dominated by a huge 1920s style counter which you can sit at if you want to read your paper while you wait for your order, and all around the room huge mirrors along the walls which make it feel three times as big as it actually is. Outside on the wide pavement of the High Road there are around 8 table benches which sit about four people, under an awning and heaters, which are obviously the key places to sit on a warm evening, but as it was a chilly morning we opted for one of the corner bench seats inside.

It has a Parisian upmarket cafe feel, with the smartly-dressed waiting staff buzzing around the tables across the unusual but very cool brightly tiled floor. It feels oppulent but homely, you’d feel comfortable bringing someone here for a romantic meal, or to just drop by for a coffee and croissant before heading into West Ken to pick up a new pair of Prada sunglasses on your way to a lecture on Renaissance architecture at the V&A.

The Service: Very friendly and smartly turned out. We struggled a bit to get our waitress’ attention sometimes but then we had picked a table round the side away from the main counter.  We were served very quickly and could have been in and out in under half an hour if we had been in a rush. 12% service charge was included in the bill.

The EGGS!:

The eggs benedict here is traditional – they give you the option of one egg (£5) or two (£8), on toasted english muffin with slices of ham and hollandaise sauce. They sprinkle the hollandaise with paprika which added a nice dash of colour; Anna liked the zing (!) this gave to the sauce, though Rob would have preferred it without but it was by no means enough to overpower any of the other flavours. The hollandaise was bold and vinegary, but could have done with a touch more lemoniness. The muffins were deep and fluffy, and well toasted without being burned. The eggs were perfectly formed little pillows which released an amazingly vibrant runny orange yolk when we cut into them – lovely! There was just the right amount of muffin to mop up the hollandaise and that awesome orange yolk too.

      • Style: Classic
      • Taste: 8/10
      • Originality: 4/10
      • Value: 6/10 (£8 for two eggs, 12% service charge inc.)
      • Eggsecution (Cooking Of Eggs): 9/10

Will we be going back? Almost definitely – partly as it’s so close to home, but also they also do a great full english (albeit with streaky bacon, hmm) and the french toast with strawberries & cream is a wonderful treat. Check out the breakfast menu here.

High Road House Brasserie, 162 – 166 Chiswick High Road, London, W4 1PR, UK T: +44 (0)20 8742 7474


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2 thoughts on “High Road Brasserie: Is West Best When It Comes To Eggs?

  1. Chiswick is just too far for me, sounds lovely though. With Eggs Benedict you really don’t mind somehow if they are not ‘original’ as such…

    Posted by Ute@hungryinLondon | May 25, 2011, 8:47 pm
  2. Reading your blog makes me hungry!

    Posted by sasha | May 26, 2011, 10:44 am

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